Coding DGST 395

DGST 395 Week 4

This week I finished up my retro webpage which was all coded in html. Leading up to the retro page’s due day we also did peer teaching for different elements and attributes of html which helped with our final products.

The beginning of this week I was still really testing a lot of elements in html since I had minimal experience coding with it. My website was basically just a page with a background, a gif, and some text up until the end of Wednesday. When we started peer teaching I got a lot more ideas on how I should create my retro page. Anya went over how to align images which I had trouble with at first but it turned out to be pretty easy. She explained the topic well and her website turned out nice as well. I also got inspiration on failing to use the audio element in html. Which is what I did my peer teaching on. I had trouble getting the autoplay feature to work so I instead used the audio element to play once I click on an image. Peer teaching helped me a lot for inspiration and testing out the different elements of html helped me get new ideas on how to utilize them.

When we were originally assigned the assignment to create a retro home page coded with html I wasn’t entirely sure what to make the theme about but I knew I wanted to do something along the lines of what geocities looked like. After browsing a lot geocities I chose to make a website about a bunch of early 2000s nostalgia based content. I figured since I had very limited experience in html that a colorful gif filled website was very realistic to create for me. Peer teaching helped me a lot for getting ideas on how to implement what I wanted to convey on my home page. W3schools was also very helpful when I was initially learning the main elements of html and eventually when I had other ideas or ran into trouble I was able to find help on stackoverflow. Even after we turned in our home pages I got ideas from other people’s pages. A couple people rickrolled me when I clicked on an image so I ended up imbedding YouTube videos on all my images. I was very happy with my final product.

Taking into account the three principle of digital fluency, citizenship and praxis I found that I was able to practice all of them during the span of working on this project. I practiced fluency by browsing and understanding tutorials on html and utilizing the elements of the tutorials. I practiced citizenship on my home page as I linked many sources to early 2000s webpages with credit to their web titles. I finally practiced praxis by looking at the basic and more advanced methods of html and finding creative ways to utilize them on my home page. I think this project shows that you practice these three principles in many ways when using a digital medium.

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