DGST 395

DGST 395 Week 1

In the first week of my Applied Digital Studies class we learned about digital fluency, digital citizenship, and digital praxis.

Digital fluency is a cool concept because it can have multiple interpretations. It could be interpreted as something as simple as just having the ability to use digital tools or navigate an operating system. One could also think of the word fluency more literally like when we talk about language. Such as, some one being able to write code in Java or Python very well. That could be seen as being fluent in a programming language also. Also being able to proficiently use programs like Excel or Photoshop could be fluency in that program.

Digital Citizenship is about more of the ethical and legal side of the digital world. It’s like imagining you’re an individual on the internet and you have certain rules, legal and moral, to follow when navigating on the internet and how you use your programs. For example, it is legally and morally unacceptable to leak someone’s personal information on the internet.

Digital Praxis is all about the act of using digital programs. It’s all about looking at a program and finding ways to use it. Thinking of every possible function of a program. Sort of like what I did in my creative coding class. We would look at programs and methods of creating cool things on a digital platform then using what we learned to come up with something new and creative.

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