First Song Using Loops

This semester of Spring 2021 I have been taking a music technology course and it has been my most enjoyed class so far. We started the course out doing simple projects like recording our voice and improving the quality or maybe panning the tracks to different sides but recently we’ve been getting into more intensive projects. Last week I had to mix a drum track which I had mixed results with but this week we were given a task that had me immediately intrigued. In Logic Pro there is a huge library of audio loops and midi loops for the user to put in their projects. Our project was to make a song purely using loops. It sounds limiting at first but you can do a lot more with loops than just put them on a track as they are. For example, midi loops can be edited to change specific notes. Essentially creating your own custom loop. I utilized this on a couple instruments as well as EQ and condensers of course to give it a more consistent sound. The final result I’m somewhat happy with but I still think the drums are not as clean as I’d want them to be. Even though the project is due this weekend and I already turned it in I might end up going back to the lab and trying to perfect my mix.

Mix as of 3/19/2021

The end result can be played above. I used a lot of instruments that I found interesting such as the upright bass, some traditional Chinese instruments, guitar, as well as some violins at the end third. I’m most proud of the violin section because that is essentially my own loop as I edited the notes in the midi loop from the original. I think it’s a pretty cool riff so I’m happy with that part. It’s definitely not incredible but I’m proud of this song since I’ve never made a song with multiple instruments. I’ve only ever made short tunes with just guitar or piano. Feel free to give feedback good or bad, I can take it.

The screenshot of Logic Pro zoomed out to fit each track

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